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About us

Xiamen Yushang Hardware Tools Co., Ltd. is located in Xiamen, China, a beautiful coastal city. It is a high-tech enterprise, mainly engaged in the production and processing of CNC cutting tools, precision pottery, forming fixtures, high-precision accessories and wear-resistant parts. We have accumulated many years of R&D and production experience in the field of super hard tools and harnesses.

The company has a strong comprehensive production system, with good production capacity, the introduction of CNC machining center and its testing equipment, strong technical force, complete testing equipment, exquisite technology. Imported high-quality materials, high precision and ultra-precision grinding, with a sharp edge, high finish, high precision.

Production of special, non-standard, special-shaped, arbitrary size, shape, extremely complex medium and high-quality products.


Fifteen years of experience
cast a hard idea




Certification quality


A series of breakthrough innovations have given our company a well-deserved reputation for its products.

Years of Production Experience


Our years of production experience, to bring you good products and services, so that you can use at ease

Our years of production experience


CNC Machining Center and its testing equipment are imported, with strong technical force, complete testing equipment and exquisite technology.

TEL :0592-2918302 0592-5701113
ADD:Anling Second Road, High-tech Park, Huli District, Xiamen City

Online QQ : 2856574688  2573170996
Contacts:MR Tang MR Hang
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